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A Cooperative Approach to Separation and Divorce ...

Benefits of the Collaborative Approach...
  • You control the process and the outcome, not the lawyers or the courts
  • You insulate your children from the negative effects of a relationship breakdown
  • You avoid lengthy and devastating legal battles
  • You save significant time and money
  • The parties involved achieve a fair result that addresses their needs and concerns

How Collaborative Family Law Works

Collaborative Law is a cooperative, voluntary conflict resolution process. The essence of the process is the belief that it is in the best interest of the parties and their families, to avoid adversarial proceedings, to resolve their differences with minimum conflict, and to work together to create shared solutions to the issues.

Each party retains a collaborative lawyer and both parties and their lawyers sign an agreement not to go to court, but to resolve their differences in confidential settlement conferences....


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Issues Concerning Children
In resolving issues about children, the parties make every effort to put the children's interest first....


Negotiations in Good Faith
The process, even with full and honest disclosure, involves vigorous good-faith negotiation by each party. Parties use their best efforts to create proposals that meet the fundamental needs of family members....

Is Collaborative Law for You?
  • Are you both determined to behave in a respectful, ethical manner towards one another in working out the terms of your separation instead of engaging in recrimination or revenge?
  • Do you both value a negotiated solution that meets the legitimate needs of each of you after the break-up?
  • Will both of you make a commitment towards creative problem-solving to find solutions based on your actual needs not abstract rights?

Termination of Collaborative Law Process

If either party takes court action, the Collaborative Law process automatically terminates...


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